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Improving Patient Experience

Learn how a sustainable rounding practice enhances the patient perception of care


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 great patient care experience is not only dependent upon meeting the medical needs of patients, but on the quality of personal interactions between providers and their patients. Studies show that provider empathy, compassion, and respect can significantly affect patient satisfaction and trust. The value of genuine, face-to-face communication should not be discounted, and should be an important component of your patient experience improvement initiatives.

The CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ mobile rounding solution takes your rounds from tedious and challenging to efficient, effective and sustainable, while improving patient experience. This digital solution gives you instant access to standardized data and patient responses. Mobile rounding increases efficiencies, decreases costs, improves HCAHPS scores, and most importantly, allows you to connect with your patients.


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Three ways that CLARIFIRE HEALTH delivers a rounding technology that contributes to improving patient experience:


System-Wide Data Views
Availability of data across departments and facilities provides metrics for management to assess and respond to issues quickly. Improved quality and efficiency create consistent care practices for a better overall patient care experience.


Improved Communications
A mobile rounding solution that incorporates user functionality such as swiping, tapping, and voice-to-text features, simplifies the rounding process while delivering a superior patient care experience. 

The collection of data becomes less rigid and more comfortable. Nurse rounders now have time to make eye contact and engage with patients for a more personal and friendly interaction. 


Patient Preference Profile
A patient's historical data is stored, providing nurses with their likes, dislikes and other shared information at their fingertips. This eliminates the need for patients to answer the same questions more than once — resulting in an improved patient perception of care received.

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CLARIFIRE HEALTH — Improving the Patient Experience