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All businesses today are operating in an ever-changing digital environment.  How would you like to go beyond just "operating" and start "thriving" instead? Digital transformation requires the use of innovative technology capable of transforming your organization's core business processes, and giving you a competitive advantage in your market segment.

  • Workflow and Innovation: CLARIFIRE's enterprise workflow and business rules engine allows for interactive processes that connect systems and users (internal and external) in one secure platform.
  • Agile Configuration: Quickly update processes, via the user interface, driving rapid change, mitigation of risk, and shorter implementation timelines.
  • Process Repository:  Review the processes that are available and tweak them to meet your needs.  You don't have to start from scratch.
  • Operational Efficiency:  Systematizing manual tasks with workflow automation, reduces cycle times, improves quality, eliminates redundancy, and adds to the efficiency curve.
  • Customer Experience: CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY®  is a secure, easy to use customer self-service portal that provides communication, workflow driven accountability, and collaboration to achieve the real time, on demand expectations of connected customers.


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Transform your core business processes.

Whatever your industry, gain that competitive advantage and achieve this elusive transformation with CLARIFIRE enterprise workflow automation.


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