Self-Service Information, Real-Time Results

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Expand customer engagement and satisfaction with a NEW kind of COMMUNITY



CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY, a secure gateway to our CLARIFIRE® workflow automation software, provides one virtual place where customers can get the information they need in a no-touch, automated way. Self-service access enables customers to reach out to your customer service team via one click of a button. Interaction that is on-demand, responsive, and automated gives your customer what they want when they want it. The result is improved customer engagement.

Read our eBook and discover how CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY can benefit your organization and help advance your customer engagement efforts with:

  • Automated workflow triggered by customer requests that automatically and systemically respond with results.
  • Dashboards and workflows that display critical data in real-time for action, such as customer document uploads.
  • Rapid, seamless messaging providing customers with the information they are seeking.

Reduce costs, reduce calls, offer immediate results to your customers and realize gains internally. Visit our website to learn more about CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY or click here to request a demo.

More than a portal — self-service, no-touch seamless interaction