Transform your Customer Experience with CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™

Communication and Collaboration in One Place!

With today's technology options, customer expectations are high for both self service technology capabilities and ease of use.  The ability to provide a positive customer experience is becoming more critical than ever to the success of businesses. Customer centric business processes must be interactive, real time, personalized, and on demand.  Connected customers expect it.  If they don't get it from your organization, chances are they may look to your competitors for future service.

CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ is our user-friendly, easily accessible, secure gateway to our CLARIFIRE® workflow automation platform. Together they provide one virtual place where all roles and parties involved in your processes, internal or external, can work together. Dynamically coordinated interactions between customers, supply chain, and your business workflow keep processes moving forward, creating a positive customer experience.




  • User Friendly Interface - COMMUNITY has a simple, user friendly interface with step by step repeatable instructions to facilitate interactions with customers and third parties. The progress bar and dashboard display real time status.
  • Alerts and Notifications - CLARIFIRE workflow automatically triggers alerts sent to the COMMUNITY user via email or text messaging, based on customer preferences.
  • Interactive Communication - All relevant images, notes, history, and data are aggregated in one view making access to important information a snap, keeping customers in the loop.
  • Document Sharing - COMMUNITY users can download, sign and share relevant documents.  These documents can also automatically launch workflow for review, approval, and escalation.
  • Mobile Flexibility -  Customers have self service access through any type of mobile device.
  • Continuous Interactions - All parties are invested, accountable, and engaged in the processes from beginning to end, resulting in an improved customer experience and extending your business services into their lives.


CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY is the customer self service technology and on demand ease of use that customers expect!